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WCM Professional Mentorship Program | Facet5™ Debrief Session

Thursday, February 27th 2020
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Toronto, ON

WCM Professional Mentorship Program | Facet5™ Debrief Session

WCM’s Professional Mentorship Program continues with the Facet5™ Debrief Session . Facet5™ is a personality assessment that identifies your personal strengths based on five common personality traits.  Facet5™ is used to create increased personal awareness through understanding our strengths and how they impact and influence those around us.  

The objective of the group debrief is for protégées to better understand their individual report and learn how they can leverage the findings in both conversations with their mentor and their development planning. 

*Please note this event is for program participants only. To learn more about our Professional Mentorship Program, please click here.

About WCM's Professional Mentorship Program
This program pairs female protégées with mentors from outside of their firm for a 12-month period. With their mentor’s support and guidance, protégées establish career goals, discuss strategies to overcome challenges, benefit from the mentor’s knowledge and experience and extend their network outside of their own firm. For mentors, the program is equally rewarding as it is an opportunity to coach, motivate, empower and give back to the community by helping shape future female leaders. 

The program also includes formal skill-build sessions with executive coaches to help mentors and protégées optimize the relationship and bring new skills back to their organizations. 

Since its inception, this program has provided more than 1000 female capital market professionals with access to formal mentor relationships. 

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