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Professional Mentorship Program | Skill Build #2: Networking on Your Own Terms

Tuesday, June 7th 2022
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Virtual, ON

There is a misguided impression that networking is a distasteful mix of tepid cocktails, boring conversation, halfmastered elevator pitches and increased stress. Yet, your network might just be your most valuable professional asset. So, how do you build that network in a way that feels good, safe and “authentic” (oh that word again!!). This talk looks at the common hurdles (external and selfimposed) that women face when they attempt to build a valuable strategic network. Then we go into practical, innovative ways to get out there on your own terms and to make sure you are building a network that will work for you and for whom you are also an asset.

*Please note this event is for program participants only. To learn more about our Professional Mentorship Program, please click here.

About WCM's Professional Mentorship Program

This program pairs female protégées with mentors from outside of their firm for a 12-month period. With their mentor’s support and guidance, protégées establish career goals, discuss strategies to overcome challenges, benefit from the mentor’s knowledge and experience and extend their network outside of their own firm. For mentors, the program is equally rewarding as it is an opportunity to coach, motivate, empower and give back to the community by helping shape future female leaders. 

The program also includes formal skill-build sessions with executive coaches to help mentors and protégées optimize the relationship and bring new skills back to their organizations. 

Since its inception, this program has provided more than 1000 female capital market professionals with access to formal mentor relationships. 

​Bibigi Haile

Founder of The Beauvoir Group

Bibigi Haile is the founder of The Beauvoir Group, a career management and personal branding consultancy. She works with women in middle and senior management roles, helping them make bold moves in their lives and careers as they discover the possibilities that come with finding and owning their unique voice.

Bibigi is a sought-after speaker and business strategist. With a background in strategic change management consulting, her career expands over several industries including finance and investment management. Applying a research and evidence-based approach, Bibigi guides her clients through transformational change.

Her current focus on imposter syndrome has earned her spots on national stages.

Bibigi is also and especially the mother of a wise 6-year-old, a third culture kid, a podcast and book nerd and a running enthusiast. 

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