UniConnect Speaker Event Series

The UniConnect speaker event series are tailored sessions, workshops and professional panels, lead by industry thought leaders part of the WCM network. These events are offered across Canada, in all of WCMs Chapter cities of Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. 

Designed for undergraduate and graduate university students from Canada's leading post-secondary institutions, these events offer you opportunities to learn more about capital markets, unique access to industry thought leaders, relevant industry insights, exposure to career opportunities and build a network of female professionals in the industry.  

Sample Speaker Event Topics: 

  • Got the internship? Now Get the Full-Time Job!
  • Overview of capital markets
  • How to Ace your capital markets interview
  • Speed networking
  • A day in the life of a capital markets professional
  • Careers on the Buy-Side
  • Careers on the Sell-Side

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