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Sharing Knowledge and Experience to Move Careers Forward.

WCM's Professional Mentorship program has provided more than 1000 female finance professionals with access to formal mentorship relationships.

This founding WCM program pairs female protégées with mentors (male and female) outside their firm for a twelve-month period. With a mentor’s support and guidance, protégées establish career goals, discuss strategies to overcome challenges, benefit from a mentor’s knowledge and experience and extend their professional network. For mentors, the program is equally rewarding as it is an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, coach, motivate, empower and support female professionals advance their careers.

With the program moving to a virtual format Mentors and Protégées from across North America are encouraged to apply. 



  • 1-15 years of experience in the finance industry. 
  • Currently employed in the finance industry;
  • A full member of WCM;
  • Clear understanding of career goals over the next 3 years, and defined reasons for seeking a mentor relationship;
  • Full commitment to managing the mentorship relationship including ownership and coordination of monthly meetings. Protégés are to commit to being available for monthly meetings.


  • Male and female applicants with 10+ years of experience in the finance industry
  • Commitment to being available for monthly (approximately one hour) meetings. 
  • *Please Note: It is not mandatory to be a WCM member if you want to participate as a mentor in this program.


As part of the WCM Mentorship Program, there is also an opportunity to opt-in as an AdvanceAbility protégée during the application period. AdvanceAbility is supplemental to the core mentorship program and provides additional resources for women working in finance that identify as having a visible or non-visible disability. If you would like to learn more, please email to be connected with one of our AdvanceAbility volunteers.

Thank you to our AdvanceAbility Partner:


Pairing Process: 

Using an algorithm, we pair mentors and protégée's, for optimal, unbiased pairing. In this process, location is considered but there is a chance a mentor and protégée may be in different regions.


Protégée Application Components:

  • Completed application form
  • Current Resume

Protégées: Consider applying to be a mentor in our University Mentorship Program, where we look for professionals employed in the financial services industry with 1-5 years experience. There is an option in the above form to apply.

Mentor Application Components:

  • Completed application form

Successful candidates will be contacted via e-mail following the application close date. 


  • December 20 2022: Successful candidates notified
  • January 25 2022: Mentorship Kick-Off Event
  • February 2022: Mentor Connect Session
  • March 10 2022: Facet5 Debrief for Protégées
  • May 11, 2022: Protégée Skill Build #1 
  • June 7, 2022: Protégée Skill Build #2
  • September 22, 2022: Speed Networking Event
  • October 19, 2022: Applications open for 2023 cohort
  • November 16, 2022: Applications close for 2023 cohort

Over the 12 month program, both Mentors and  Protégées will be invited to sessions and provided additional resources. Some of the sessions and events included in the program are listed below, further ones may be added at a later date.

Facet5:  Protégées benefit from a professional personality test with a full session from Felix Global.

Skill Build Sessions: Protégées are invited to take part in two skill-building sessions designed to build professional skills and networks.

Mentor Connect Sessions: Mentors will be invited to take part in a session designed to provide resources on how to be the most effective mentor.

Speed Mentoring Event: An evening of speed mentoring to close out the mentorship program will take place in the early fall. This is where you will meet other Mentor and Protégées and share your experiences.

the value of MENTORSHIP

  • 75% of private sector executives say mentoring has been critical in their own career development
  • 77% of companies with mentoring programs say these programs greatly improve employee retention and job performance
  • 79% of millenials believe mentorship programs are crucial to their career success


Mentors have the unique opportunity to support the professional development of protégées and maximize their potential through knowledge sharing, support and guidance in the advancement of their skills and expertise. A mentorship relationship fosters the growth, learning and development of a protégé that can impact their personal and professional life for years to come.


Protégées are offered the opportunity to experience the power of wisdom by a professional holding the experience and knowledge to truly impact the growth of their career, while benefiting from the human connection through this formative relationship. Establish tangible career plans, goal setting, grow professional networks and develop problem solving skills for professional challenges. The rewards are timeless.

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