Yedlin: Oilpatch still lacks women in senior leadership roles

January 5th, 2018

Calgary Herald
December 28, 2017

Plenty of news-grabbing events occurred before 2017 drew to a close — whether it was the massive tax overhaul south of the border, the revelations of men behaving badly or the stratospheric rise and fall of bitcoin — but something happened closer to home that didn't garner much attention.

It did involve women. But not because someone had been behaving badly.

Rather, you could argue it was a sector behaving badly; a sector that saw another two women leave the executive leadership teams of their oilpatch organizations.

Judy Fairburn stepped down as chief digital officer and executive vice-president of safety at Cenovus, and Karen Radford, who was executive vice-president and chief transformation officer at Enbridge — leading the integration efforts after Enbridge acquired Spectra — decided to take a break at year-end.

To the outsider, both decisions could be explained: A new president and chief executive arrived at Cenovus, and the integration of Spectra and Enbridge was completed. But both executive teams are down one woman — and perilously close to resembling a reincarnation of the Old Boys club.

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