WCM is Proud to be a Member of the Canadian Gender and Good Governance Alliance

November 9th, 2017

The Canadian Gender and Good Governance Alliance– the 'Alliance' – is an unprecedented partnership of the leading not-for-profit organizations focused on research, advocacy and education in the areas of governance and gender diversity. The Alliance aims to amplify and coordinate efforts to increase gender parity on boards and in executive positions, and contribute to public policy as an advisor for the government and regulators. 

WCM is proud to join this alliance with Catalyst, Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness, 30% Club, Business Council of Canada, Canadian Coalition for Good Governance, and Institute of Corporate Directors.

Our common goal – to enhance the numbers and impact of women on boards and in executive positions – unites us. As the Canadian Gender and Good Governance Alliance, we collaborate to improve practices that lead to better governance and gender balance. Enhancing gender diversity on boards leads to greater variety of thought and leadership styles, better understanding of the end consumer, a wider talent pool and ultimately higher-quality boards.

We present the Alliance as a task force and resource group to businesses, governments, regulators, institutional investors and other interested stakeholders who require assistance in achieving greater board gender diversity. It is our belief that by providing access to the members of this Alliance as intellectual aides and by joining our efforts to improve gender diversity on boards and in the executive pipeline, we will together transform the business landscape in Canada.

To learn more about the Canadian Gender and Good Governance Alliance you can download the Directors' Playbook (French version available to download here) or visit www.cggga.ca.

You can also read more about the alliance on an article written by Tara Deschamps via Metro News. Click here.