Top Canadian Firms On Women's Leadership

May 31st, 2017

Corporate Knights
David Israelson
May 30, 2017

Three years after regulators brought in new rules to boost gender balance on boards and in executive suites, corporate Canada still has a long way to go.

That's the consensus among experts looking at surveys analysing the companies and sectors that have made the most progress in balancing men and women on their boards and in their C-suites.

"No, we're not making enough progress – we need to be moving much faster," says Jennifer Reynolds, president and CEO of Women in Capital Markets, a nationwide network that advocates for women in this part of the financial sector.

"In the first two years, the OSC has found – and I agree – that the uptake [in encouraging gender balance] has been dismal," says Pamela Jeffery, founder and principal of the Pamela Jeffery Group, which advises companies on diversity.

This year's surveys looked at how Canadian companies have been faring since 2014, when the Ontario Securities Commission and other regulators in Canada brought in new disclosure rules aimed at making the gender compositions of corporate boards and management more transparent.

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