Camilla Sutton’s One-Woman Battle For All Women in Capital Markets

February 26th, 2018

The Globe and Mail
Monday February 26, 2018

After a 25-year career in finance that spanned everything from equity research to
running Bank of Nova Scotia's global foreign-exchange business, Camilla Sutton is
tackling a new challenge.

But the issue at hand – improving the position of women in the capital markets
business – is one that has been on her mind for years.

"Ever since I entered capital markets, it was blatantly obvious that there weren't
enough women around," said Ms. Sutton, who is four weeks into her new role as
president and CEO of Women in Capital Markets, an organization aimed at helping
women succeed in finance.

"It is a very male-dominated environment," she said. "You feel that as a woman."
Women have been inching their way up through the ranks of corporate Canada,
but progress has been slow, even glacial. Last year, they occupied just 14 per cent of
the board seats at Toronto Stock Exchange-listed companies, according to data
from the Ontario Securities Commission.

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