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Posted 07 September 2023

President & CEO at WCM

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Experience: Senior-Level
Salary Range: Not Specified

Close date: 29 September 2023

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WCM is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1995. Our initiatives aim to amplify diverse talent pool, build the industry’s equity literacy, and unite Canada’s finance industry. We do this through advocacy,
research, and building the talent pipeline.

Our partners include the major Canadian bank-owned dealers, independent and foreign dealers, asset managers, insurance firms, major pension plans, and advisory firms. Our community of 3,500 professional and student members makes WCM the largest network of professionals in Canadian finance who have come together to vote for increased equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I), and our initiatives have impacted the careers of countless students and professionals across the country.

WCM is governed by the Board of Directors. In addition, WCM benefits from the advice and guidance of the Advisory Council. A full description of the governance of WCM can be found on our website

WCM is well funded, well capitalized and benefits from the strong long-term support of its sponsors.

Position Description

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the President and Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the successful leadership and management of WCM. This includes working with the Board and management team to develop and execute a robust strategic plan to build upon the gains of the past and continue to expand WCM’s impact in the Canadian financial sector. The CEO will assure the operating and fiscal integrity of the organization and will be called upon extensively to represent WCM with sponsors, partners, members event, government, the media, and other external stakeholders.

More specifically, the President is responsible for:

  • Advocacy and Education: work with the SCM research and advocacy team to create and publish impactful research that drives ED&I awareness and action within the finance sector. Provide ED&I expertise and share innovative solutions for the industry. Continue to broaden WCM’s visibility in the media and role in the public dialogue on ED&I. Maintain WCM’s advocacy efforts and impact with the industry, government, and broader public. Drive performance: leverage data insights
    and consider how to guide sponsors towards measurement of ED&I and program effectiveness.
  • Sponsorship: Maintain and grow relationships with existing sponsors at various levels in the industry (senior leaders, management, HR/Diversity professionals). Maintain a strong pipeline and secure new sponsors. Ensure that sponsors continue to see WCM as their trusted advisor on
    issues concerning ED&I. Proactively identify and pursue opportunities to engage sponsor firms in activities that support their ED&I objectives.
  • Leadership: Provide inspirational leadership bringing WCM toward a progressive future that will contribute to the acceleration of ED&I n finance. This includes the development and growth of WCM’s staff as well as leadership of its volunteer base. Establish a strong culture that fosters
    high performing leaders.
  • Strategic Market Positioning: Guide a successful renaming and rebranding initiative. Implement new brand identity that reflects the organization’s commitment to ED&I with a continued focus on women. Create strategy that strengthens WCM’s position as a global ED&I leader in the context
    of new brand
  • Membership: Increase the reach and impact to WCM members by driving initiatives that expand
    WCM’s dialogue and impact across the industry. Deliver high value in-person and virtual programming for WCM’s members (students and professionals).
  • Stakeholder Management: Play primary role representing WCM as a spokesperson and ambassador for the organization, its vision, values, and strategic imperatives to a variety of constituents vital to the organization (i.e.: the Board of Directors, the Advisory Council, the Steering Committees, the staff, the sponsors, the government, the media, regulators, and other partner organizations).
  • Financial Reporting and Oversight: Effectively manage revenue and expenses, operating within approved budget. Provide appropriate reporting to the Finance & Audit Committee. Oversee the relationship with the controller.

Required Skill / Experience

An accomplished professional with 15 plus years of business experience, who possesses the strategic acumen and capacity to lead the organization forward creatively and effectively. Experienced in and knowledgeable of the financial sector, with strong relationships in the industry. The CEO will have the presence and interpersonal skills to credibly manage high-profile sponsorship relationships and skills to maintain and further develop a strong sponsor value proposition.

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following competencies:
ED&I expert:

  • A deep knowledge and understanding of current ED&I and expertise on the evolving strategic ED&I practices for the future.
  • Understanding of systemic inequities and inequalities.

Set & Execute Strategy:

  • Ability to create and articulate an inspiring vision for WCM including developing new, innovative ideas that will stretch the organization and boundaries within the industry.
  • Proven ability to successfully execute strategies with defined KPIs, timelines and milestones.

Change Management:

  • Effective change management leader with proven persuasion skills and ability to drive engagement in change.
    Self-aware, active listener, soliciting feedback, building trust, and engendering support of key stakeholders in planning and spearheading initiatives.
  • Takes a people-centered approach to build awareness of how individuals and teams respond to change.

Operational and Financial Acumen/Results Orientation:

  • Exhibits the ability to develop operational plans and inspire others to act towards the implementation of achievable but ambitious goals.
  • Results oriented and outcomes driven. Direct P&L responsibility would be an asset.
  • Direct P&L responsibility would be an asset

Stakeholder Management/Influence:

  • The CEO’s professional experience and personal characteristics will allow him/her to build rapport and respect among diverse stakeholders, including similar Not-For-Profits focusing on ED&I
  • A diplomat, collaborator, motivator, and relationship builder. This leader will be able to develop positive and productive relationships, effectively build coalitions and consensus, and engage others in achieving WCM’s goals.


  • Communicates clearly and persuasively inspiring the confidence of a wide variety of individuals both internal and external to the organization cultivating important relationships.
  • An inspiring communicator who can articulate WCM’s narrative and direction both to large audiences while also being effective in one-on-one settings.

Leading Teams:

  • Demonstrated leadership behaviours in previous roles. Direct people management would be an asset.
  • An open and collaborative management style able to create a sense of purpose/meaning for the team (both staff and volunteers) that generates followership beyond his/her own personality and engages others to the greater purpose for the organization.
  • Dynamic leader that can attract talent, motivate the team, delegate effectively, celebrate diversity within the team and manage performance.

What is your reaction to the fact that the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women will be chaired by a man?