CVCA Diversity Internship Program (TALENTSPOKE)

Posted 14 November 2023

CVCA Diversity Internship Program (TALENTSPOKE) at Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association

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Experience: Entry-Level
Salary Range: Not Specified

Close date: 11 December 2023

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The Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA), founded in 1974, is the organization that represents Canada’s venture capital and private equity industry. It is an independent, member-based body consisting of the vast majority of firms and organizations which manage pools of private market risk capital committed to venture capital and private equity investment.

With over 325 member firms, ranging from Canada’s largest pension plan to some of the country’s most creative financers of current and next-generation companies and entrepreneurs, and over 1000 individual members, CVCA members are critical players in the Canadian economy.CVCA’s mission is to be Canada’s voice and go-to stakeholder for the venture capital and private equity industry. It is focused on broadening industry awareness through market research, content, and networking opportunities so that members can make the best investment decisions. The organization advocates on behalf of the industry to ensure sound public policy that encourages a favourable environment for investment.

Over the past five years, CVCA has become the de facto authority on venture capital and private equity.

Position Description

CVCA Diversity Internship Program:

Step into a world full of opportunity and growth through the CVCA Diversity Internship Program. If the venture capital or private equity sector is where you envision your future, this is your chance to jumpstart that dream. Our program is not just a gateway to gaining profound knowledge and practical experience, but a platform to broaden your network extensively within the industry. By diving into real experiences, you get to enhance your problem-solving skills and gain a closer look at the VC or PE vertical. The connections you will foster here could lead to exciting job prospects post-graduation, or even become a catalyst if entrepreneurship is your calling. Through this internship, you aren’t just getting a glimpse of the industry; you’re setting a strong foundation for an impressive career.

The CVCA Diversity Internship Program is an initiative designed to nurture a diverse talent ecosystem within Canadian private capital while significantly benefiting our member firms. They focus on engaging member firms interested in adding to their team and reaping the benefits of a carefully selected pool of talented individuals. This program underscores CVCA’s support for members, aiming to provide a platform for member firms to easily access and integrate diverse talent while fostering a more innovative industry.

Tailored to provide work opportunities for all students, the program emphasizes creating avenues for visible minorities. Its overarching goal is to assist interns in developing their financial skills and deepening their understanding of investments through collaboration with seasoned professionals in private equity and venture capital. Open to women and individuals who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC), the program is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within the sector.

Why is this program the right fit for you?

If you aspire to work in the venture capital or private equity ecosystem, the CVCA Diversity Internship Program offers opportunities and growth. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Extensive Networking Opportunities: Connect with top industry leaders for job opportunities and entrepreneurship.
  • Real-life Experiences: Gain expertise in VC/PE and problem-solving through hands-on experiences.
  • Career Foundation: This internship provides a solid foundation for a successful career in the industry.
  • Opportunities for Growth: The CVCA Diversity Internship fosters personal and professional growth with practical experience in the VC or PE ecosystem.

The CVCA member firms seek proactive learners enthusiastic about business, finance, and investing. Candidates must display intellectual curiosity, strong analytical skills, and financial proficiency.

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