This is a watershed moment for gender diversity. It is time for a dramatic and purposeful shift in management styles, cultures and corporate transparency. Succeeding in our mission and effectively driving positive change in our industry requires a concerted effort from us all.

WCM membership unites all voices in the Canadian financial industry working to accelerate gender diversity. Our 1,500+ members are diverse professionals at all career stages and in all segments of the capital markets and related financial services across Canada. There is strength in numbers. Join our movement to leave gender parity for the next generation.

What can WCM do for you?

Joining WCM is a vote for diversity, inclusion, equality and change.

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$209.05 (HST)
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For finance ​and related industry ​professionals who wish to support WCM's mission and access full member benefits.
WCM Ally​ (previously Associate)​

$141.25 (HST)
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For ​men and women who wish to support WCM's mission​ but who are outside the industry, retired​​​ and/or do not wish to receive member benefits.
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For undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing careers in finance.
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For high school students interested in careers in business, finance and STEM.
  • + × What do I get with my WCM membership?

    • Members-only professional development seminars, workshops and events
    • Access to WCM's WCMXChange, our bi-weekly newsletter;
    • Access to our popular Job Board;
    • Discounted fees to all WCM events;
    • A growing array of member benefits;
    • Regular updates on related activities;
    • Strong networking opportunities in the finance industry as well as through our network of professional partner associations;
    • Recognition from the public, your employer and network that you are engaged with and committed to driving diversity and inclusion;
    • Satisfaction knowing you are a part of the collection of voices across Canada's financial industry working to accelerate gender diversity, and that your membership supports our work in driving change. 
  • + × What is the membership duration and renewal process?

    Membership is effective for one year from the date your payment is processed. For renewals, your membership will be automatically renewed for one year from your membership expiry date, unless you select the ‘Do Not Auto Renew’ option when registering. If your renewal is received after your membership has expired, your new expiration date will be one year from the date of renewal.

  • + × Can men join WCM?

    Yes. Research shows that everyone benefits when men lean in for equality -- starting with men themselves. Men can support us in our mission by joining WCM as a 'WCM Ally', encouraging colleagues to join, spreading awareness of WCM and gender diversity internally at their firm, and encouraging their firm to become a WCM Partner. Going forward, we plan to offer tips, videos, and other resources that engage men in the discussion and offer opportunities to contribute to the goal of achieving gender equality. We encourage you to distribute these resources to your firm's employees and/or integrate them into existing training programs for managers.

  • + × How can I support WCM?

    Succeeding in our mission and effectively driving positive change in our industry requires a concerted effort from us all. Here are a few ways you can show your support:

    1. Join WCM and encourage colleagues to join. Our strength lies in our membership.
    2. Attend WCM events in your city and encourage colleagues to attend.
    3. Promote WCM events, research and media coverage to your network - help us build awareness.
    4. Encourage your firm to become a WCM Partner. Diversity is no longer a 'nice to have'. It is a 'must have'.
    5. Share your feedback and thoughts with us at [email protected].

  • + × Questions?

    Contact us - we are happy to answer your questions!

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