Shahenda El Gindi

Shahenda El Gindi

Co-Chair, WCM Quebec Steering Committee

Alexandra Velosa

Alexandra Velosa

Co-Chair, WCM Quebec Steering Committee

WCM Quebec Chapter

In Quebec, women are significantly underrepresented in the capital markets industry. With the benefits and the business case for diverse workplaces, WCM's Quebec chapter offers a platform to accelerate a more gender equal industry. WCM's Quebec chapter provides a network to advocate for women and provides resources and professional development to advance and retain women in the financial industry.

The goals of WCM Quebec is to encourage young women to pursue a career in finance and STEM by promoting its benefits to high school and university students, support the advancement of women in all stages of their careers with mentoring and events tailored to their specific needs. Lastly, involve both men and women through membership and participation in WCM initiative in advocating for women in our industry.

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WCM Annual General Meeting 2024
Wednesday, May 22nd 2024
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM ET

Virtual Event, Online Platform
Virtual, Ontario M5C 2V9
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WCM Québec présente Séance « Dînons et apprenons » avec Milena Gl...
Tuesday, June 4th 2024
12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST

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Since 1995 WCM has been designing and evolving our professional programming to meet the needs of professionals in Canadian capital markets. With programs curated for each level of your career, our programming provides the resources, knowledge and skill development that will propel and advance your career. Designed to support your professional development journey, discover our programs for entry, mid and executive level professionals. 

Mentorship Program | Professionals

Mentorship Program | Professionals

Be paired with a mentor outside of your firm who can guide you in establishing career goals and advance your career.

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Mentorship Program | Post-Secondary Students

Mentorship Program | Post-Secondary Students

Pairing post-secondary students with professional mentors to guide you in your journey and kick-start your capital markets career.

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Founded in 2016, WCM Quebec (formerly Montreal)'s initiatives support WCM's national mission to accelerate gender diversity across the financial industry and corporate boardrooms of Canada. In Quebec, we offer professional development events and programs for women at all career levels and work with local firms to increase awareness of WCM and accelerate gender diversity in our city.

WCM's popular Lunch & Learns are roundtable opportunities to get up close and personal with an esteemed senior leader in the industry and gain knowledge from her experiences. Our various social events provide a platform for women to build strong professional networks and to solidify our community across Quebec, and our topic-specific skill-building events, such as our Careers in Motion series, equip women with the skills they need to excel in their careers. 

WCM Professional and University Mentorship Programs pairs female protégées with a mentor for a twelve month period, providing support and guidance for protegees in establishing career goals, advice and strategies to move your career forward.  

With a focus on building the pipeline of female talent, WCM's student programming serves to educate young women about the rewarding career opportunities in business and STEM through events like WCM's Job Shadow Day for female high school students and WCM's UniConnect event series for female university students.

Welcome to Quebec's WCM community.

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  • + × How do I join WCM Quebec?

    Joining WCM is a vote for diversity, inclusion, equality and change. Click 'Join Now' button in the main menu at the top of the page.  You can join as a professional, university student, high school student, or as a WCM Ally. To learn what a WCM membership can do for you and for full details on membership options, visit our Get Involved page.  Membership is effective for one year from the date your payment is processed.

    Our 2,000+ members are diverse professionals at all career stages and in all segments of the capital markets and related financial services across Canada. WCM membership unites all of our voices to accelerate gender diversity. There is strength in numbers. Join the movement to accelerate gender diversity.

  • + × What can WCM do for me?

    WCM can help you achieve your career goals, expand your network, plan your next career move, and stay informed on gender diversity topics. It also provides an opportunity for you to give back to your local community and provides recognition as being committed to gender diversity. For details, visit our Get Involved page. 

  • + × Can I volunteer for WCM Quebec?

    Yes. Our Quebec Chapter is run by a steering committee of dedicated volunteers. On occasion, they need assistance planning or delivering an event or program. If you are interested in getting involved, please email [email protected], expressing your interest in volunteering for WCM's Quebec Chapter. We will add your name to our database and contact you when volunteer opportunities become available. If you have a preference, please also specify in which capacity you would like to volunteer (High School, UniConnect, Mentorship, general) and any other details you think we should know.

  • + × Can I speak at a WCM event?

    We are always looking for inspiring and experienced professionals to speak at or be panelists at our events. If you are interested or if you know someone who would be a good fit, please email [email protected] with details.

  • + × How else can I support WCM?

    Succeeding in our mission and effectively driving positive change in our industry requires a concerted effort from us all. Here are a few ways you can show your support:

    1. Join WCM and encourage colleagues to join. Our strength lies in our membership.
    2. Attend WCM events in your city and encourage colleagues to attend.
    3. Promote WCM events, research and media coverage to your network - help us build awareness.
    4. Encourage your firm to become a WCM Partner. Diversity is no longer a 'nice to have'. It's a 'must have'.
    5. Share your feedback and thoughts with us at [email protected].

  • + × How can I encourage my firm to become a WCM Partner?

    Succeeding in our mission and effectively driving positive change in our industry requires a concerted effort from us all. WCM’s Corporate Champions share our vision and urgency for accelerating gender diversity in the workplace. Our partners recognize the business case for having more women in leadership roles and support our advocacy efforts to drive change and develop the talent pipeline of future female leaders. 

    To learn more and request information about how your firm can support us, visit our Partner with Us page. 

  • + × Can men get involved?

    Yes. Research shows that everyone benefits when men lean in for equality -- starting with men themselves. Men can support us in our mission by joining WCM as a 'WCM Ally', encouraging colleagues to join, spreading awareness of WCM and gender diversity internally at their firm, and encouraging firms to become a WCM Partner. Going forward, we plan to offer tips, videos, and other resources that engage men in the discussion and offer opportunities to contribute to the goal of achieving gender equality. We encourage you to distribute these resources to your firm's employees and/or integrate them into existing training programs for managers.

    Male Ally Membership Benefits include: 

    • Discounted ticket prices to all WCM events;
    • Access to our members only section of the website, for research and other areas;
    • Opportunity to stay informed on gender diversity through our newsletter, events and social media. 

    Additional benefits of being a WCM Ally:

    • Recognized commitment to accelerating gender diversity;
    • Volunteer - opportunities to participate in our mission; 
      • Committee member or Co-Chair
      • Mentorship program (become a mentor for mentoring professional women and/or students)
      • Speaker or panelist at a WCM event(s)
    • Attend events and meet talent – be the face of your firm when networking (showing male allyship);
    • Share opportunities and initiatives with their networks;
    • Leverage the WCM research portal (using the tools to reach diversity and inclusion goals);
    • Act as an advocate with internal and external networks.
  • + × How can I learn more about WCM?

    Visit the About WCM page of our website. Reach out to us with questions at [email protected].

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