WCM | The Virtual Hustle

By WCM | October 05, 2020

Calgary Chapter - Welcome and congratulations to the Calgary Chapter's new Co-Chair, Christina Carnovale and new Coordinator, Beth Pollock. Thank you to Marnie Smith, past Co-Chair and Rose Whitehouse, for their commitment to WCM in these roles previously.

WCMElevate -  Applications are now closed and our jury is working hard to narrow down the incredible candidates. A million thank-yous to: Eliza Casinather, Rosina Mete, Vivan Kwok, Karen Vizcarra, Clara Bor, Deborah Grosdanis, Joelle Maclaren, Brianne Gardner, Emmanuelle Tellier, Elice Lee.

Emerging Leaders Kick Off - We brought together all 36 program participants, WCM and Felix Global for an incredible virtual welcome. Thank you to Felix Global, Susan Richardson, Isabelle Moreau, and Loretta White.

WCM at upcoming conferences: We are thrilled to be participating as panelist or moderators at the following upcoming conferences: RIA D&I Week, OP Trust's internal event, Citibank's internal event, Schulich's School of Business: Women in Leadership, CAASA's Annual Conference, HSBC's internal event, WCOOC's panel on COOs in Canada, and Ivey's Leadership Forum.

WCM Research: Get ready we are launching the results of our largest research project to date. Stay tuned .... the week of October 19th.

Now that's hustle!

What is your reaction to the fact that the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women will be chaired by a man?