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By WCM | May 15, 2020

An update on Covid and WCM:

The impacts of Covid are being felt widely. At WCM, there have been a few silver linings, most notably the commitment we are seeing from long-term sponsors to diversity even at a time of crisis. In addition, it has accelerated our digital strategy in powerful ways and allowed us a bigger stage for thought leadership. Stay tuned for new initiatives, coming soon.

High school educational short video series - we are pleased to announce the launch of our digital educational content for high school students titled "5 Questions with...". This short video series offers students, across Canada, a glimpse into the world of capital markets as professionals share their stories of their journey from high school to their role in finance. Share with teachers, students and parents in your network.

Learning the art of virtual communication- led by communications coach Neil Grammer, this webinar offered participants with tangible takeaways on how to communicate in a virtual world and how to increase the effectiveness of your professional communications. 

WCM Elevate - we closed our second year of WCMElevate with a final virtual session led by a panel of capital markets senior professionals who offered their insights on markets, the impact of Covid19 on the financial industry and shared advice on how to navigate and grow your career. Registration for the 2021 program will take place in September, 2020.

WCM Aspire - a perfect end to an incredible line-up of professional development content, WCMAspire program concluded this week with a session led by executive coach Susan Richardson on how to build resiliency. We look forward to working with a new cohort of professionals as we open applications for the next session, this fall.

Return to Bay Street (RTBS) - is in full swing. Application packages have been sent out and candidates are waiting to hear about first round interviews. Incredible commitment from our sponsors to diversity even in the midst of a complicated time. Also a shout out to our incredible volunteer Ryan Trainor who has been supporting us with our data.

Now that's hustle!

Educational High School Video Series “5 Questions with…”| Exploring the World of Capital Markets

Educational High School Video Series “5 Questions with…”| Exploring the World of Capital M...

This short educational video series offer high school students an opportunity to explore the world of Canadian capital markets.

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