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WCM| November 22, 2019

WCM 2019 Award Winners were announced this week, for the categories of Rising Star and Outstanding Volunteer. What an incredible group of talented leaders, recognized for the tremendous value and impact they are having on our industry.  Join us for our 12th Annual Awards ceremony on November 28, as we unite the industry in recognition of the promising future of leadership in Canadian capital markets. 

WCMAspire - the program kicked off with Neil Grammer, presenting on the principles of strategic communication. The learnings and takeaways charged this aspiring group for their upcoming career development sessions.

Mentor Lunch and Learn- session this week was led by a true industry influencer and 2019 Champion of Change, Catherine Milum, Head of Wealth Sales at Manulife, where she brought industry truths with lightheartedness and humour followed with tangible advice that intrigued participants as valuable takeaways.

Emerging Leaders- gathered for their second skill build session, led by results-driven executive coach Susan Richardson, leaving recipients with a definitive understanding of the importance of building a defined brand and the insights on how to effectively promote it. 

WCM Montreal Chapter - hosted an innovative breakfast session on how the role of governance is evolving to benefit key stakeholders. The session had an important emphasis on the role of boards and reporting frameworks. 

Mentor Evening Session - a group of inspired professionals joined to hear from respected industry leader Anu Jayanti on her career success journey to Global Head of Relationship Management at Citi. 

Bank of Canada hosted an important reception for former Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Lynn Patterson, and new Deputy Governor Toni Gravelle. It was striking how much the industry crowd gathered wanted to share in discussions around diversity. We are in the midst of real progress and proud to have Bank of Canada as a partner.

Fintros -  we spent some time with Fintros this week, exploring potential partnerships. Their recruiting platform anonymizes candidates' identities so that they can access offers from top finance companies without compromising their current job. Their platform has placed hundreds of candidates this year of which 41% were female. In addition, 44% of the resumes on their platform are talented women in finance. 

Animation Explainers - WCM is planning for our next video with Aaron Connolly and Dylan Healey, whose specialty is taking complex information and turning it into concise and powerful shorts. See the WCM video explaining capital markets to our high school student community here.

Collaborative strategy and planning sessions with Vancouver and Calgary WCM Chapter Steering Committees were held this week. New events, across Canada, will continue to be added to our events page

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What is your reaction to the fact that the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women will be chaired by a man?