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By WCM | WCM| October 25, 2019

WCM Awards - today marks the end of our Award nominations, the industry has spoken on who they deem as 2019's Rising Star and Outstanding Volunteers. We are proud to offer a platform for celebration and recognition of these remarkable leaders at our awards ceremony, November 28

WCM Professional and Student Mentorship - in our 22nd year and as a founding WCM national program, the power of mentorship is undeniable. With applications open for only a few days, the demand is overwhelming. This year we are introducing algorithms for optimal pairing.  Mentors offer us direction and insight into what is possible and give us the guidance we need to get there. 

Collaborative Partnerships - WCM hosted Linda Zhang, CEO & Founder of Purview Investments and Founder and Board member of Women in ETFs. Always exciting and energizing to collaborate and amplify the voices of others doing great work in D&I.

Students and STEM:

WCMSheBiz Calgary - Building a pipeline of women is critical for the industry's future. Last week was WCM's Calgary's turn to shine, inviting grade 9-11 female students for an incredible day focused on encouraging young women to stay with STEM academics, highlighting impactful career paths and showcasing some awe-inspiring talent. Our commitment to our high school community continues as WCM hosts WCM SheBiz Toronto November 29, 2019.

Thought Leadership- WCM's Lindsey Walton and member Ketty Hua busted some myths about working in finance as they spoke at University of Toronto's Women in Finance (UTWF) event. For background, UTWF aims to expose women in STEM to careers in finance - a perfect partner for WCM. Our introduction to this partnership came through the WCM & CPPIB internship program. The next generation is something incredible and the industry is going to be so much stronger with them in it. Learn about our university program and speaker series.

UniConnect Ambassadors- recruiting university students as WCM advocates through our ambassador program, ambassadors are a pivotal resource to our university community on campus. This hand selected group of recruits are empowered with their important mission- to spread the good word and act as a WCM resource of information across Canadian universities, nationwide. 

What is your reaction to the fact that the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women will be chaired by a man?