WCM Research | Worklife and Employee Well-Being in COVID-19 and Beyond

WCM| June 08, 2020

WCM is asking all professionals employed full-time in Canadian capital markets to share their experiences during COVID-19 by responding to this short and important survey: TAKE THE SURVEY

The purpose of this research is to build more equal and fair workplaces, by cultivating greater awareness, sharing knowledge, and by providing firms with data to guide decision-making to maximize employee happiness, safety, and well-being.  This survey aims to understand:

  1. The impact of COVID-19 on work and well being of capital markets professionals;
  2. How employers can better support their teams during the pandemic; 
  3. What employees want from their employers when returning to work. 

As a high response rate is required in order for this data to be useful, your input is critical to this effort. We ask that you answer candidly and honestly, and encourage your peers to complete the survey. Responding to this survey is a powerful act of Allyship that you can take in the movement towards greater equality and inclusion. 

  • This survey is open to any professional currently employed full-time in the Canadian capital markets;
  • Short and efficient, this survey should take only 10 minutes to complete;
  • Your responses are anonymous and will not be seen by your employer in an aggregated form;
  • Free text questions will be anonymized as much as possible and will have identifiers removed.

Results will be published July 2020. 

Thank you for your participation. Together, we are working towards greater equality and fairness at work and in society at large.

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