WCM Announces 2020 Emerging Leaders Program Award Recipients

By WCM | September 02, 2020

TORONTO, September 2, 2020 Women in Capital Markets (WCM) announces the 2020 recipients of the Emerging Leaders Award Program. Since 2014, this program has accelerated the careers of 152 mid-senior level women through coaching, career planning, visibility and networking. As one of WCM's flagship programs, Emerging Leaders is designed to support the professional development and retention of high potential mid-level women with five to ten years of capital markets experience. This year we are pleased to host 36 women from across Canada to participate in the program. 

Congratulations to the 2020 award recipients:

  • Sophia Bendaoud, CIBC Capital Markets 
  • Allie Bradford, CPP Investments 
  • Charlotte Cassels, TD Securities 
  • Kathryn Deveau, TD Securities 
  • Diana Di Luca, RBC Capital Markets 
  • Jenna Dicks, Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets 
  • Kathleen Dixon, BMO Capital Markets
  • Asya Farberov, BMO Capital Markets
  • Oksanna Fill, CPP Investments 
  • Anjali Fonseca, Manulife 
  • Sarah Gauthier, National Bank Financial 
  • Rosa Han, TD Securities 
  • Fiona (Yichun) Hu, RBC Capital Markets 
  • Shannon Jones, BMO Capital Markets
  • Elena Kazina, CIBC Capital Markets 
  • Purnima Kohli, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan 
  • Alina Kouklinskaia, TD Securities 
  • Stephanie Krohn, National Bank Financial 
  • Stephanie Langlais, Manulife 
  • Angie Macedo, CIBC Capital Markets 
  • Lina Nouraly, BMO Capital Markets
  • Brittany Owens, Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets 
  • Christiane (Tia) Peric, CIBC Capital Markets 
  • Alex Prowse, Manulife
  • Lauren Reid, National Bank Financial 
  • Alexandra Schroder, Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets 
  • Flora Sexton, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan 
  • Farnaz Shahed, RBC Capital Markets 
  • Hannah Smerek, National Bank Financial 
  • Elizabeth Steele, HSBC Bank Canada 
  • Elena Stolovitsky, Manulife
  • Anne-Sophie Thene, National Bank Financial 
  • Cindy Veilleux, National Bank Financial 
  • Bessie Wat, CIBC Capital Markets 
  • Meadow Wu, Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets 
  • Janice Yoon, RBC Capital Markets 

The 2020 Emerging Leaders award recipients will join an eight-month integrated leadership program that runs from September 2020 to April 2021. This comprehensive program, provided by WCM's coaching partner, Felix Global Corp., offers in-depth personality assessments, both personal and group coaching, skill building and access to numerous tools all designed to enable the enhancement of participants' professional careers. 

“It is with the long standing commitment of our sponsor firms toward equity, diversity and inclusion, that we are able to accelerate change and increase the retention of top female talent with impactful professional development programming like Emerging Leaders.  Congratulations to all 2020 program recipients as you move your careers forward in Canadian finance” Camilla Sutton, President and CEO of WCM. 

For further information:
Camilla Sutton President & CEO
[email protected]

About WCM
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