WCM Research | Call for participation

By WCM | May 18, 2021

The Parent Potential Survey

Thank you to the finance professionals who shared their parental, maternity and/or paternity leave experiences by responding to our short and important survey. 

Inequalities in caregiving are a direct driver of inequality in the workplace. WCM is conducting research on parental leave offerings, perceptions, experiences and uptake. With your help, we want to understand and tackle the stigmas around parental leave to ensure that working parents have the support they need to advance and succeed in their careers.

The study findings will be used to:

  • Provide sponsors with the information required to evaluate and evolve policies and procedures to better support working parents;
  • Overturn cultural norms about who is responsible for child caregiving;
  • Ensure women are not left behind in the caregiving crisis, and ensure men have equal opportunity to participate in their child's upbringing.

If you have taken a leave from work due to the birth or adoption of a child while employed in Canadian finance, please complete this survey. Our goal is to survey 300+ professionals on their experience. As a high response rate is required in order for this data to be useful, your participation in this survey is critical to project success. Responding to this survey is a powerful act of allyship that you can take in the movement towards greater equity and inclusion. 

  • This survey is open to any professional in the Canadian capital markets who has taken a parental, maternity and/or paternity leave in the last 5 years;
  • Short and efficient, this survey should take only 10 minutes to complete;
  • Your responses are anonymous and will not be seen by your employer. All industry data will be presented in an aggregated form;
  • Free text questions will be anonymized as much as possible and will have identifiers removed

The findings will be published in WCM's Parent Potential Report in Summer 2021, accompanied by an awareness and educational campaign via WCM's digital channels. 

Thank you for your participation. Together, we are working towards creating a more equitable industry.

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