More Women Wanted for Financial Leadership Roles

By Tyler Nyquvest | Business in Vancouver| August 01, 2017

Banking institutions across Canada might have moved the needle slightly when it comes to gender equality but, on the capital-markets side of things, women fall far short of equal representation.

According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute report, gender parity could unlock $28 trillion of additional annual gross domestic product by 2025 – equivalent to the U.S. and Chinese economies combined.

The report found that 240 million workers could be potentially added to the labour force through higher female participation.

Additionally, the McKinsey report found that women make up half the world’s working-age population but generate only 37% of gross domestic product, and women perform 75% of global unpaid work.

One Canadian organization is working to close the gender gap for young women, providing advice and helping them make strong professional connections as they approach the beginning of their careers.

Women in Capital Markets (WCM) is an advocacy group focused on creating a community of female business professionals across capital markets, finance, law and related industries.

Based in Toronto and with chapters in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, WCM is the largest professional network of women in Canadian capital markets.

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