Jennifer Reynolds on What She Said

What She Said Radio - Jewel 92 FM| February 24, 2017

"I think what we need to strive for in 2017 and what we really need to think about is how we are going to get more women into leadership roles. Young women have been graduating from university - we've been greater than half the university graduates now for 25 years, representing 62% of university graduates today. We're abundantly present in middle management and yet, if you look at the top in the executive suite, only 18% percent of those roles are held by women while only 12% of board seats in all of Canada are held by women. We need to make strides here because we've been at a stand still and haven't made progress in the last couple of decades. So, we all need to recognize that and make sure we all have a voice in our economy and in our political sphere as well."

More Women Wanted for Financial Leadership Roles

More Women Wanted for Financial Leadership Roles

Numbers of women in capital markets rising but still short of parity with men

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