Getting to Know: Sarah Weihmann

September 27, 2021
Sarah-Weihmann-headshot.png#asset:71680WCM is pleased to welcome the newest member to our team, Sarah Weihmann!

WCM is pleased to continue offering young talent opportunities to put skills into practice. This Fall we welcome Sarah to the WCM team. She'll be joining the team as our Communications & Student Outreach Coordinator. Here's a little bit about Sarah:

Hello, my name is Sarah! 

I am currently based in Woodbridge, Ontario. I am a fourth-year Bachelor of Business Administration student at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton, Alberta. My emphasis is Marketing. Throughout my degree, I found that the most rewarding courses are where I work with my fellow students on large group projects. The collaboration aspect brings a whole new degree of learning and application to my education.

Why are you excited to join WCM?
I am excited to work with a team that strives to accelerate equity, diversity, and inclusivity. The work being done is so important, to get to be a part of that is very exciting! 

Which part of WCM’s work do you think is the most impactful?
To me, the work done with students is the most impactful. Giving students access to events, articles and mentors who advocate ED&I helps them to develop a sense of worth and value that can sometimes be missed in the average school curriculum. Having influences such as the ones provided and facilitated through WCM at a young age can be life-altering and help to inspire and elevate their own potential. 

The student-oriented programs developed at WCM, such as In2Fin, bring students together across Canada to have important conversations. These events drive development and create hope for young women as they explore what their career has the potential to be.

What is one thing everyone should do to drive ED&I
Be open to conversations. Listening to and partaking in conversations about ED&I can be impactful and enlightening. If you are open to the idea of conversations, so many good things can happen. You never know what someone else may say that could add to your perspective or influence your perspective.

Welcome to the team Sarah!

What is your reaction to the fact that the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women will be chaired by a man?