Vancouver Chapter

Welcome to WCM's Vancouver Chapter!

Our new national platform provides a powerful voice for change and action and we are excited to realize the benefits of this growth and evolution in our organization and our impact on the industry.

The launch of WCM's Vancouver Chapter was an exciting milestone for WCM as we launched a national expansion of our organization. Women across the country, from university students to senior professionals, have expressed their commitment to WCM’s mission and have joined us in our efforts to drive change on a national scale. 

Our Vancouver programming includes events for female to educate and connect them with opportunities in the capital markets and professional development and networking opportunities for women at all career stages in the industry. 


WCM Events in Vancouver - Winter 2018

Attend a WCM event in Vancouver this winter! A full list of WCM's events and programs in all Chapter cities is available for download here.


Mentor Lunch with Leanne K. Scott - Wed. March 14, 2018 from 2:00- 3:30 pm. Event details>>

Mentorship ProgramThis valuable mentor program pairs Protégées with mentors outside of their firm for a 12-month period and provides executive coaching sessions along the way to both Protégées and mentors to provide guidance on how to maximize the mentor relationship. 




WCM Vancouver Steering Committee
Catherine Heath
Co-Chair, Vancouver Steering Committee

Vice President, Fixed Income: Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd.

Main Goals of Co-Founding WCM Vancouver:
I consider myself very fortunate to work in such a fast-paced, interesting field as capital markets. I'm always surprised at how few young women are entering the industry. My goal is to get out and encourage young women to enter this exciting industry through university and high school outreach programs, and by providing mentorship and networking opportunities. In addition, I believe that it is important to have a venue for women currently working in the industry in Vancouver to get together, exchange ideas and support one another.

Kirsten Kennedy
Co-Chair, Vancouver Steering Committee

Managing Director, Canada Investor Sales Global Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities: BMO Capital Markets

Main Goals of Co-Founding WCM Vancouver:
Mentoring of young women, and those who have chosen to re-enter the business, has become a fundamental aspect of our development culture at BMO Capital Markets. I always embrace the privilege I'm given to help this process in any way I can, including being involved in formation of WCM in Vancouver. All of us are mentors, strong role models and symbols of success to the next generation of incredible women who I know will make us all proud.

Whether actively, or simply through the integrity that's underpinned the success of our own careers, we pass along our collective wisdom and open the doors of opportunity for more and more young women, year after year. WCM allows us all to combine forces and create a community in Vancouver, which it fabulous and very exciting.

Joanne Carnell
Co-Chair, Membership

VP Fixed Income & Currencies: RBC Capital Markets

Main goals of my committee:
To cultivate an awareness of the many benefits of WCM through targeted drives, events and strategic alliances.

Why I'm involved in WCM:
To ensure that we are attracting, advancing and retaining women in this industry, as well as to meet like-minded women in the local area to share ideas with.

Carolyn Kwan
Co-Chair, Membership

Principal, Fixed Income: Connor, Clark and Lunn Investment Management

Main goals of my committee:
To bring awareness of WCM to a wide audience. 

Jane Justice
Chair, Mentorship Program

Vice president, Management Ltd.: Connor, Clark and Lunn Investment Management

Main goals of my committee:
The Mentorship Program is a practical and impactful way to retain and to develop female talent in the Canadian capital markets. Protégées are paired with a mentor from a different firm who shares their knowledge, experience and offers guidance to their Protégée. For Mentors, the program is an opportunity to coach, to motivate, and to give back by helping to shape future leaders

Why I'm involved in WCM:
I believe it is important to help introduce, mentor, and retain women in capital markets. WCM programs provide women the path to the vast opportunities available to them in the capital markets.

Michelle Zuliani
Co-Chair, Mentor Lunches

Fixed Income Analyst & Trader: HSBC Global Asset Management

Nicole Miljevic
Chair, SheBiz Committee

Vice President, Investor Sales, Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities: BMO Capital Markets

Main goals of my committee:
SheBiz is an all-day interactive conference where young women in grades 9-11 are given unique access to business leaders, business topics, and exposure to numerous and existing career opportunities available to women in business. 

Why I'm involved in WCM:
WCM helped me get my start in the industry and I will always be grateful. I want to give back by sharing my experiences to others who are in the same shoes I was once in.

Natasha Copeland
SheBiz Committee

Director, Institutional Money Market Sales: TD Securities

Main goals of my committee:
To introduce female high school students to career opportunities within the capital markets industry.

Why I'm involved in WCM:
To network and grow relationships with individuals in the Vancouver financial community.

Pippa Fry
SheBiz Committee

Investment Counsellor, Assante Private Client - A division of CI Private Counsel LP

Main goals of my committee:
To educate high school girls about the different career paths they can take involving capital markets, so they can target more effectively areas to explore in a timely fashion.

Why I'm involved in WCM:
I am passionate about women in capital markets being aware of what they want, able to advance and realise their potential and ambitions. WCM supports this.

Lori Norman
SheBiz Committee

Investor Specialist: Steadyhand Investments

Main goals of my committee:
Spread the word, educate and get high school girls excited about all of the opportunities that are available in 'capital markets'. It isn't just investment banking and spreadsheets and numbers. There are so many different directions a career in capital markets can take. It's our job to introduce that to them.

Why I'm involved in WCM:
It's wonderful to be in a room with articulate, passionate women who want to support each other and promote capital markets and the opportunities that exist. From a self-serving view point, it is refreshing not to have to explain to each other what we do for a living because we all actually know (and it doesn't look like Wolf on Wall Street).

Anna Temple
SheBiz Committee

Credit Analyst, Fixed Income, PH&N: RBC Global Asset Management Inc.

Main goals of my committee:
For women to share their life and career experiences. It's more of a two way street: the mentors describe their personal stories, challenges, and successes while the mentees can provide insight into what aspirations the upcoming generation has and what distinct headwinds they may be facing.

Why I'm involved in WCM:
Throughout my career I've had many strong and successful women to look up to and I have greatly benefitted from these relationships. I want young women to continue selecting finance as their specialty and have a solid support group they can always rely on to help guide their way.

Crista Caughlin
Chair, UniConnect

Principal, Fixed Income: Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management

Main goals of my committee:
To introduce female undergraduate and graduate students to the different career paths within the capital markets and help students prepare for their careers through interview preparation, info sessions, and networking events.

Why I'm involved in WCM:
Because it's important to support the development and advancement of women in the capital markets industry. Encouraging younger woman to enter the field ultimately creates a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Julia Ferreira

Investment Management Analyst: UBC Investment Management Trust

Main goals of my committee:

Connect and empower women to achieve their career goals.

Why I'm involved in WCM:
WCM was of immense help when I arrived in Vancouver, I am very grateful and enthusiastic about the importance of their work. I want to give back and help others by sharing my experiences and volunteering my time.

Bridget Higgins

Credit Analyst: Connor, Clark and Lunn Investment Management

Main goals of my committee:
To build the pipeline of talented young women entering the workforce by providing education on the industry and different career paths, networking opportunities, interview preparation, and more!

Why I'm involved in WCM:
To help young women learn about the many different career paths under the big "finance" umbrella and empower them to pursue one.

Gina Jones
Women in Leadership Committee

Chief Operating Officer: PenderFund Capital Management


Lisa Stewart

Associate, Leveraged Finance, CIBC

Why I'm involved with WCM:

I am passionate about promoting gender equality in executive positions, beginning by educating young women about careers in finance and encouraging them to pursue a path that excites them.

Kirsten Bahrey

Portfolio Management Associate, Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd.

Why are you involved with WCM?

My goal in joining WCM is to help foster a robust and candid network of women leaders in Vancouver.

Main Goals of My Committee:

The goal of SheBiz is to educate female high school students about the careers available to them in Business and Finance. I hope that by providing information, real life examples, and mentorship opportunities we can empower the next generation of women to embrace their skills in those areas typically dominated by males and encourage them to pursue careers in Business and Finance. I believe that events like this one are vitally important in attracting women to the industry and helping to foster the next generation of women leaders.

Rachel Colabella

Governance Consultant, Watson Inc.

Why are you involved with WCM?

I am passionate about helping WCM realize its mission of driving diversity in the boardroom and in leadership positions, and I am inspired to encourage young female professionals to propel to leadership positions in capital markets and related industries.

Janine Guenther

Portfolio Manager: CIBC Wood Gundy

Main goals of my committee:
Connect and inspire students.

Why I'm involved in WCM:
I am involved so that we can further build and enhance prospects for women on the west coast.

Brianne Gardner

Associate Financial Advisor: Raymond James

I am a strong believer that with collaboration and support among women in finance who have shared goals, will not only benefit personal career development, but also improve self-confidence which in turn will encourage us to reach our highest potential.


Kathleen Keilty

Partner, Corporate and Securities: Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Why I'm involved with WCM:

I believe that it is incumbent upon women in business to advocate for diversity in leadership, and to support the development of women's representation in the boardrooms of corporate Canada.

Maria Pacella

Portfolio Manager & Senior Vice President, Private Equity: PenderFund Capital Management

Shanlee von Vegesack

Associate, Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP

Why are you involved with WCM?

I'm passionate about the development and advancement of women in capital markets. I believe creating a strong, genuine network of women is crucial for career longevity and success.

Jocelyn Chu

Principal, Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management


WCM Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join WCM Vancouver?
You can become a WCM member by clicking the 'Join Now' button at Membership is effective for 1 year from the date your payment is processed. Different membership options are available. A Full Membership is available for those working in the capital markets (cost $185). Associate Memberships are for those who are working outside of the capital markets but are interested in furthering the objectives of WCM (cost $125). We also offer memberships for university and high school students. More details >>

Can I volunteer with WCM Vancouver?
Yes! We are currently building a database of Vancouver volunteers. To get your name added to the list, please email [email protected] expressing your interest in volunteering for WCM's Vancouver Chapter. We will add your name to the database and reach out when volunteer openings become available. If you have a preference, please also specify which committee you would like to volunteer with (High School/SheBiz, UniConnect, Mentorship, General).

Can I be a speaker at one of WCM's events?
We are always looking for speakers and panelists to feature at our events. If you are interested, please email [email protected] with your profile details.

How can my organization sponsor or partner with WCM?
We are always open to partnering with other organizations for events, as well as sponsors in Vancouver. Please contact [email protected] for details and our sponsorship packages. 

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