Excel in each stage of your career.

Taking your Career to the Next Level

WCMElevate is a virtual* workshop style program designed for mid-level female professionals currently employed in capital markets.            

  • Your network. Build influential and empowering professional relationships; 
  • Your learning. Develop professional skills for career advancement;
  • Your access to resources for career development (career coach, experts, educational materials);
  • Your knowledge and awareness of gender diversity and inclusion.

*Pending restrictions, we will explore doing an in-person networking event in Toronto toward the end of the program.

program criteria


  • Participants must have 5-10 years professional experience;
  • Participants must be currently employed within the financial industry
  • Participants must submit a complete application including a response to the reflection question: How have you committed to your career development over the last two years? (Maximum 300 words)
  • Participants must be a WCM member in good standing and submit a complete application

  • Program Cost | $300 + HST

key dates

  • August 2021 Applications Opens
  • October 4 2021: Applications Closes
  • October - All successful applicants are notified 
  • November 25, 2021: Session 1
  • January 18, 2022: Session 2 
  • February 16, 2022: Session 3 
  • March 23, 2022: Session 4
  • April 28, 2022: Session 5 

key information

What is Elevate?

Elevate is a virtual 5 month program with 5 workshop sessions. Workshop sessions feature high calibre speakers and professional development experts, presenting on topics that support mid-level women as you move your career forward into senior leadership positions and grow your professional network. 

This program is designed for women with 5-10 years in capital markets who are in or aspire to leadership positions. Workshop topics are designed to help you grow into senior leadership positions. 

Part of the Elevate program, Peer to Peer Mentoring is where applicants will be matched with 2 peers throughout the cycle of the program. Through this non-structured component, applicants will share stories from their career journey and gain valuable learning opportunities from their peers.

To get the most out of this program you will be expected to get involved with networking opportunities, complete pre-work before sessions & show up to all sessions prepared to fully engage. 

Session Dates & Times

  • + × Authentic Presence: Compel and Inspire through your Communication: November 25 | 5- 6 pm ET

    Communicating authentically is one of the most important elements to working on a team with others.

    This interactive and engaging session will focus on:

    • Deepening your understanding of how critical “presence” is in the world of work.
    • Beginning the process of
    developing “your” own definition
    and roadmap for “becoming”
    • Learn and practice key skills and techniques that enhance your ability to persuade and have impact.
    • Unpack and begin using the core leadership communication
    competencies that can make or
    break the impact you have.

    Speaker: Kanina Blanchard

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  • + × Mental Resilience: January 18 | 12 - 1:30 pm ET

    This workshop will provide educational and experiential tools for sustained mental health and  practical knowledge to help build mental resilience. Based on a prevention-oriented paradigm of integral  health, the workshop will serve to improve the understanding of the mind and common mental disorders,  while increasing resilience and creativity, reducing burnout, and promoting collaboration. The session will  include experiential exercises to help integrate and apply knowledge in practical ways.  

    Speaker: Milena Braticevic

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  • + × Conflict Management and Resolution: February 16 | 5-6 pm ET

    The management of tension, conflict, ambiguity, and radical difference between ourselves and others is one of the core skill sets of competent executives. 

    This workshop will help participants map, understand,
    and, where applicable re-design how they communicate and relate to others in difficult interpersonal situations. 

    Participants will practice how to apply principles of building trust, conflict de-escalation, and
    conflict resolution, in situations involving differences of perspectives when a collaborative outcome is

    Speaker: Maja Dijikic

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  • + × Inclusive Leadership: Leading with Difference: March 23 | 12- 1pm ET

    In the diverse and globalized world that we live in, inclusive leadership is an important skill to be able to master however our systems and internal processes might not have been built to support the kind of inclusion and equity which we desire in our organizations. 

    Humans are wired to discriminate. We have been trained to trust our gut, something that might steer us in the wrong direction as it reacts to new things in our environment based on our past experiences without us even knowing.  This is what forms our unconscious biases, creating privileges and advantages for some while creating barriers and disadvantages for others.

    In our session, we will explore the concepts of diversity, inclusion, and equity with a lens of how to manage our unconscious biases as leaders in organizations. We will also explore where these biases come from and what source we need to tackle to truly bring inclusion and inclusive leadership to life.

    Speaker: Gene Jamieson

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  • + × Career Mobility, Progress and Performance - Industry Panel: April 28 | 5-6 pm ET

    This session will feature a panel of industry leaders as they share successes and lessons learned throughout their career. You will walk away with insights on how to elevate your career to the next level.

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